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Hiding your IP address protects your anonymityand stops you from being tracked. This means that your IP address can be used to identify your location. Under IPv4, IP addresses look like four two- or three-digit numbers separated by periods. VPN–VPNs are the strongest, safest, and easiest way to mask your IP address.

You can also clear your entire “Significant Locations” history using the option at the bottom of the screen. If you tap on the “Share My Location” option in Location Services, you can review whether you’ve enabled Find My iPhone or Share My Location. The latter is what you’ll be able to send to people in Messages, as well as Apple’s Find My app, and it’s a necessary component for location-based automations via the Home app. Remove people to eliminate their ability to see your location in real time. Confirm that you want to delete all of your location history, and then click the big red “Delete Location History” link.

Hiding your IP has many benefits that begin and end with privacy. —tap on the “Significant Locations”option, tap on a location, and and tap on “Edit” to start removing it.

If you are looking for a no-cost way to hide your IP address, the Tor browser is probably your best option. If you don’t want to switch browsers, you can also download a Tor Firefox extension. Let’s say that you are located in the US and you want to watch a live Australian tennis match that’s only available in Australia. When you visit the website, your computer sends out a request to view the video. Your proxy intercepts your computer’s request and sends the same request to the website using an Australian IP address.

Location History is the feature that keeps track of where you’ve been, and any addresses you type in or navigate to. You adobe flash probably know your Android phone or iPhone can pinpoint your location for GPS, local search, or the weather. Hopefully, you also know that means your phone keeps track of everywhere you go, all the time. Don’t be alarmed—it’s the trade-off you make for the features you get.

Not only are VPNs effective and hassle-free, they also are one of the safest methods of hiding your IP address. A high-quality VPN will offer advanced encryption and security protocols, so there is no risk of your real IP address being leaked. As well as hiding your IP address and protecting your identity, some VPN providers offer dedicated torenting and P2P profiles. One of the biggest advantages to hiding your IP address with a VPN is fast connection speed.

Unlike other methods, you won’t have to worry about dealing with a frustratingly slow connection. Even if a website doesn’t have malicious intent, there are downsides to giving away your location. This is especially important if you’re operating in a “gray” area. Hiding your IP address will keep you safe while you torent. Just like you can tell where a phone call is coming from based on its area code, your IP address can easily be used to figure out your location, sometimes with scary accuracy.

  • For example, if your VPN service provider has servers around the world, you could appear to be connecting to the internet from a different country.
  • That’s why there are seemingly hundreds of VPN apps promising privacy and security online.
  • VPN networks allow medical professionals and patients to safely access confidential medical information untampered.
  • Obfuscation is one of the most effective ways to hide your VPN traffic.

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If it makes you uncomfortable, here’s how to opt-out of location-tracking on Android and iOS. We’ll walk you through everything you should do to live the most secure, private life in the digital era. Yes, it’s possible to be traced while using a VPN, but the truth is that it’s not very probable.

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Your IP address could be used to glean valuable information about you. You can change your location at any time using the same tool. Change your location to one of the countries on the list. In the follow example, we’re change the location of our iPhone. Instead of using the default, Automatic, it’s changed to another country.

VPNs are the best IP hiding tools, and they also offer powerful security features that keep you safe and anonymous. It’s also the best way to enjoy total digital freedom and protect your identity online.