Without a doubt about I’ll Take Menhaden

Without a doubt about I’ll Take Menhaden

Should this threatened fish be a crucial element of your nutritious diet?

Dave Gilson

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Individuals and menhaden mix that is generally don’t. In the event that fish’s stench that is legendaryn’t frighten off adventurous diners, its bony flesh will probably. Yet with its relentless quest to wring make money from the tiny, environmentally vital seafood, Omega Protein, a Houston-based business, has been doing the near-impossible: It offers not just made menhaden edible—it’s gone one step helpful site further and turned it into a wellness meals.

Omega Protein, which holds a virtual monopoly over the menhaden fishery across the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, realizes that most Americans don’t have a lot of usage for the items that make up the majority of its important thing, such as for instance fertilizer. 続きを読む “Without a doubt about I’ll Take Menhaden”